Setting the scene


OK, the blurb to the right is a bit premature; I haven’t actually retired yet. That happens in a couple of weeks but I wanted to get this up and running in advance .

(Old mates can skip the next paragraph.)

I’ve been working for the BBC for nearly 35 years. All of them in Television News, and the vast majority of it on the road. I’ve travelled a bit and seen a few things but with a Significant Birthday looming I’ve decided it’s time to move on and maybe do some Other Things. This blog might be one of them.

I don’t really know where I’m going with it yet. I got the idea when people started to tell me I should write my memoirs. Well, I’m not sure that’s going to work all that well. I’m not convinced I have enough material to turn into a book. On the other hand I do like telling (and retelling and repeating ad infinitum) the odd anecdote. I do it on Facebook a bit and it’s always seemed a shame that material there scrolls off rather quickly.  So expect Tales from the BBC from time to time.

I might get a bit ranty on current events as well. Some things in the news infuriate me and I like to vent.  I might even want to shout my approval occasionally. While I was employed by a national news organisation I was a bit inhibited by their Social Media policy.  I think they would have liked their social media policy to read DON’T but that was clearly impractical so they asked us to be careful. I can be less careful on my own page.

The point is that it’s my  blog. I can put whatever I want here (within the law)  It might evolve in unexpected directions or I might decide it’s just not worth the effort any more.

Comment if you like. Or not. Up to you. I’m all ears, er, eyes–whatever.


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